Facility Use Agreement – This form should be completed when requesting to use areas within the church (FLC, CLC, Sanctuary and/or Classrooms) for functions within a ministry, personal use or outside organization use. Please read carefully, sign/date and return to the Church Office along with your $500 deposit and usage fee 7 days prior to your scheduled event.

The church facilities are not permitted to be used for “personal profit” events
(i.e., candle parties, jewelry parties, etc.)

Note: A donation of $25 per hour is requested for events with <50 people, $35 per hour for events with >50 people, and helps offset the cost of utilities during your event. This donation must be received no later then 7 days prior to your event and may be mailed to The Church or dropped off in person to the Office Administrator during The Church’s regular business hours.

Room Requested

Note: Start time is when you need access to the facility for set-up, decorating, etc.;
End time is when you will be finished clean-up and ready to leave the facility.

Do You Need?
Kitchen Facilities


Special Request

Note: A $500 security deposit must be received in order for your event to be added to The Church’s Facility Calendar and will be returned to the user within seven (7) days after the event has occurred. Any problems with misuse of the building, such as not following any of the Rules and Regulations and/or Responsibilities after Building Use set forth herein and/or not leaving the facility as found, will forfeit this security deposit and are grounds for losing the privilege of using the facility in the future. This will be at the discretion of the Pastor of The Church.

Prior to clicking the submit button, please ensure that you have verified the above information as correct and accurate. Please remember that this reservation will not be completed until you have submitted the Facilities Use Agreement and paid the required deposit and fees associated with your event to the Church Office during normal business hours.